Presentations at AIDS 2016

Together with our collaborators, we will be presenting the following body of work at the upcoming 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) on 18-22 July 2016 in Durban, South Africa:

  • Gender inequalities influence HIV-serostatus disclosure: qualitative study among HIV-positive women and men reporting sero-discordant partnerships in Durban, South Africa- REF: TUPED309
  • Case Study Presentation at the Safer Contraception Strategy Session for the Global Share
  • A day in the antiretroviral clinic: using ethnography to understand retention in HIV care- REF: WEPED299
  • The cost of accessing ART: socio-economic barriers to continuously accessing antiretroviral treatment (ART) from the perspective of long-term adult ART users at a public healthcare clinic in Durban, South Africa- REF: WEPED433
  • Self-reported ring removals and expulsions of the dapivirine vaginal ring: Qualitative data from The Ring Study (IPM 027)- REF: WEPEC268
  • Who has heard of or ever used the female condom in South Africa? The national female condom evaluation in South Africa- REF: WEPEC200
  • SILCS diaphragm as a multipurpose prevention technology: an acceptability study comparing SILCS and standard applicators to deliver vaginal gel in Durban, South Africa- REF: WEPEC201
  • “Will he let me use a female condom, will sex be the same? Attitudes and experiences of female condom users attending selected public-sector health facilities in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.”- REF: WEPEC204
  • Acceptability of the dapivirine vaginal ring to female participants and male partners involved in The Ring Study- REF: WEPED304
  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Safer Conception Counseling among Providers in Durban South Africa- REF: WEPEB120
  • Clinical issues and debates in contraception for women and adolescents exposed to HIV- REF: WESY0602
  • Nobody helps because I am a sex worker”: sex workers’ barriers to healthcare seeking and experiences in the South African context- REF: THPED360
  • High co-occurring STI and HIV prevalence and the poor treatment cascade among female sex workers in Durban, South Africa- REF: THPED295