Together with our collaborators, the following poster presentations were displayed at the 9th IAS 2017 Conference, Paris, France, 23-26 July 2017:

  1. Lee L, Dietrich J, Greener L, Makhale L, Smith P, Hornschuh S, Mathenjwa T, Smit J, Brockman M, Gray G, Beksinska M, Kaida A on behalf of the Ayazazi research team. Gender and power dynamics of social relationships shape willingness to participate in biomedical HIV prevention research among South African adolescents and young adults Poster # TUPED12630/Track D
  2. Beksinska M, Mabude Z, Nkosi P, Smit J, Mantell J, Greener R, Zulu B, Kubeka M, Phungula L, Marumo E, Chidarikire Evaluation of the South African national female condom programme: overview of key findings in the progress of female condom rollout in the public and non-public sector. Poster # WEPED1396/Track D.
  3. Kaida A, Dietrich J, Laher F, Beksinska M, Jaggernath M, Bardsley M, Smith P, Smit J, Ndung’u T, Gray G, Brockman M. Bacterial vaginosis among sexually experienced young women in South Africa: Prevalence, covariates, and syndromic management. Poster # WEPEC0896/Track C.
  4. Mantell JE, Smit JA, Exner TM, Bai D, Leu C-S, Beksinska M, Hoffman S, Mabude Z. Partner and peer influence on young South African women’s female condom use. Poster # WEPEC0898/Track C.
  5. Beksinska M, Mabude Z, Smit J, Greener R, Nkosi P, Mantell JE. A cohort of new female condom acceptors: protected sex acts and mixing female and male condom use. Poster # WEPEC0900/Track C.