Together with our collaborators, the following two poster presentations were displayed at the HEAIDS Conference, held from the 9-11 June 2017 in Durban:

  1. Beksinska M, Dietrich J, Smith P, Hornschuh S, Mathenjwa T, Greener L, Smit J, Makhale L, Lee L, Brockman M, Kaida A.  “They won’t tell your parents.” Factors motivating participation in a youth-centred cohort study on HIV prevention in Soweto and Durban, South Africa.
  2. Lazarus N, Nkosi P, Milford C, Beksinska M, Mabude Z, Zulu B, Phungula L, Kubeka M, Zwane Z, Msawoni N, Greener R, Smit J, Hawkins J, Mantell JE.  Targeting Female Condoms to Young People in higher education institutions in South Africa: What do Policymakers and Program Managers Think?